Spectacular performances at Mello-Go-Roun’ 09

The performances, on July 30, at the National Indoor Arena, Kingston, Jamaica, from speech and drama to dancehall were, to say the least, well received. Specially invited guest of Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Tito Jackson took some time out to interact with both young and old performers backstage at intermission…


If one should judge by the performance, and the turnout, Mello-Go Roun

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3 thoughts on “Spectacular performances at Mello-Go-Roun’ 09

  1. This is an excellent website for people who appreciate Jamaican culture. People who like to keep abreast of cultural events……This is the perfect website for. Furthermore the reason for me entering this website (after visiting many others) was to gather info on the participants of the events. My endeavors to do so were successful.

  2. Thank You Benjamin. So glad I could be of help. May I meet the challenge of your words daily! Please always share your thoughts. Welcome!

  3. big up to you.. am was a performer in the mannings group. and am thanking you on behave of everyone in that group on putting us in your article and praising us for our performance.. hope we can come back this year so we can entertain and educate people about our culture through our dance.

    keep up the good work

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