Treatment with the Jamaican ‘dog blood’ bush

How should the dog blood bush be taken? How soon after drinking the dog blood bush should one expects her period?

Dear Jamaica Herbalist,
How should the dog blood bush be taken (meaning how often and the portion)? How soon after drinking the dog blood bush should one expects her period/menstruation? Does having this period signifies that the bush is working?


Hi Rasheda,
You may take a cup of the dog blood bush per day for at least one month. However for your specific problem, you need to drink a cup starting 3 days before your period is due. Then take it for 7 consecutive days. If you were feeling cramps at any time, combine the ‘vervine bush’ with the ‘dog blood’ bush.

The ‘vervine’ bush is usually taken for cramps among other ailments.

Bless UP!

Stoneman – The Mystic Man

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69 thoughts on “Treatment with the Jamaican ‘dog blood’ bush

  1. Sherika,
    To access more detailed assistance from one of the herbalists on our team, a consultation fee is required.

  2. i am trying 2 get pregnant for 3 years now and a visit the doctor me and my partner and everyting is ok we jus cant get pregnant.i live in montego bay i am going to try the dogblood bush but after i take it 3 days before my period what are the 7 consecutive days i need your advise

  3. Do you have really have to wait untill ur peroid is near to drink the bush can it work while ur seeing ur period

  4. Hi I’m 5 months pregnant just want to now if I drink the dog blood bush will it affect my baby? Someone take it to me telling me to drink it because its good I’m not sure what to do

  5. I need sum info on this bush…..well my story is long and I choose nt to explain over this media where others are seeing it..

  6. I have been trying to get pergeant but the doctor said i have block tube how can you help me to clear it

  7. Hi there,
    Do I need to boil the little red looking berries on the dog blood bush along with the leaves or just the leaves?
    Also, my period has already started is it okay to drink the bush now and for how long ??? This is to clear blocked tubes?
    To add to that I read on another site that: Vervain, Shame-O-Macka, Medina, Penny Royal, Rice Weed and Devil’s horse whip should all be boiled as a tea to correct any problems with infertility. And that the tuna plant should be drank once per day in addition to this treatment. Is this true.
    I have all the bushes with the exception of the devil’s horse whip. Are they safe to combine?
    Thanks in advance

  8. I’m trying to get pregnant and I’m on my period. When should I start taking the dig blood and how often.

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