Dear Jamaica Herbalist,
How should the dog blood bush be taken (meaning how often and the portion)? How soon after drinking the dog blood bush should one expects her period/menstruation? Does having this period signifies that the bush is working?


Hi Rasheda,
You may take a cup of the dog blood bush per day for at least one month. However for your specific problem, you need to drink a cup starting 3 days before your period is due. Then take it for 7 consecutive days. If you were feeling cramps at any time, combine the ‘vervine bush’ with the ‘dog blood’ bush.

The ‘vervine’ bush is usually taken for cramps among other ailments.

Bless UP!

Stoneman – The Mystic Man

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To get this herb or byproducts, contact the Jamaica Herbalist team by email and prepare to pay a processing fee.

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.... a team of herbalist with experience in Jamaican herbology and proven record of their recommended cures using plants, herbs, fruits naturally grown in Jamaica. They are not necessarily trained medical doctors and recommend that consultation be had especially if prescribed medication. Click here to contact me. ...or email me here

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.... a team of herbalist with experience in Jamaican herbology and proven record of their recommended cures using plants, herbs, fruits naturally grown in Jamaica. They are not necessarily trained medical doctors and recommend that consultation be had especially if prescribed medication. Click here to contact me. ...or email me here

69 thoughts on “Treatment with the Jamaican ‘dog blood’ bush”
  1. Hello,
    I’m a 30yr old Jamaican woman living in Florida. I have been having problems with my menses and ovaries. I keep hearing about that the “Dog blood bush” can help with my issues. I also read on your website that the “Shame o Macka” would help also. I wanted to ask, do you know where in Florida these herbs can be bought? I saw on the internet that “Dog Blood Bush” can be found in Florida but I haven’t had any luck just yet.

    Thank You,

  2. Dear TT,
    Thanks for your communication and patience. Your name has been removed for your protection. Stoneman resident herbalist will respond sometime this week. You will also be given information on havin the bush or drink sent to you.

  3. Hey Stoneman can you please tell me if I can take the Dog Blood for hormonal imbalance as also Ovarian Cyst I am really trying to conceive please let me know.


  4. Yes Kristy the dogblood bush can help. However please continue this conversation on this topic through my email as I will need more information from you.

  5. Dear TT,
    Thanks for your communication and patience. Your name has been removed for your protection. There was no findings of where these bushes can be had in Florida. You can have them or drinks made from them sent to you from Stoneman’s Culture Yard. Please link us through the contact form so we can speak more directly and make arrangements with you.

  6. Thank you guys for what you are doing to help me…..I have no email for you but you can go ahead and email me.

  7. Dear Kristy,
    You may speak further through the contact form, and share more private details there for a more exclusive response.

  8. ok..Thanks

    My husband and I have been together for 8 years and have been having unprotected sex from that time and somehow I can’t seem to get pregnant even though we really started trying roughly 3 years now…honestly sometimes i feel so ashamed cause people tend to mock us alot even at work and in the community that we are from and this makes me really frustrated……In 2006 I was told that I had Ovarian Cyst and they did a minor surgery but until now there is nothing that they can really tell me that is good, so I stopped attending the clinic . Late last year I went and did an ultra sound which came back to say that I had cyst again and this time it was ruptured and they also said that I have hormonal imbalance…What would you recommend for me and is there any further information that you need to know.

    Can you please remove my email address from the previous post for me please. Thank you very much and please be confidential cause I don’t want anyone finding out it’s me and my last name is in the email address.

    Thank you


  9. Dear Kristy,
    We always strive to maintain confidentiality of our readers. The email address has been removed. Otherwise, please remember that where information gets too personal, you can use the contact form where the information goes directly to the email and not as a public post. You also will get a private response.
    Shame-O-macka is a bush used by Jamaicans to boost their fertility. However I will seek more information further on treating the hormonal imbalance.
    From my personal experience I’ve learnt that you should never let your life be dictated by outsiders, so I urge you to not dwell on any negativity brought to you by anyone. For example never be ashamed about anything you cannot control. Your partner, I’m sure loves and respects you for you and not based on your abilities.
    Remember too that putting your body under stress can affect your ability get pregnant.

    Hope this helps!

  10. Hey Anthea

    I am trying to send private post but no luck .Can you please tell me if it would be ok to mix the Shame-O-macka and the Dog Blood together..Oh I am not really worried about the Hormonal imbalance cause I probably need to exercise more to keep it down but what would be the best bush to mix for my infertility….Please and thank you.

    eagerly awaiting your response.

  11. Hi Kristy,
    Glad to hear. You can mix them, but the shame-o-macka on its own is recommended by those who tried and proved it.
    To use the contact form, go to the contact page and fill in the form. Bless!

  12. please i am waiting a reply my menses is too long due to poly cystic ovary syndrone can the dog blood correct my problem i am waiting a reply from you and also how to take it

  13. Hi Samantha,
    Thanks for communicating.
    The herbalists asked me to remind you that green leafy vegetables such as callaloo, cabbage, brocholi, indian kale etc are a good source of iron. Where the bush/plant is concerned, the dog lood is good, and I wait further information.

    When plants are bolied they produce toxins, and therefore must not be taken for long periods without breaks, or without proper direction. When commercially processed to convert to prescribed medication, the toxns are removed. Remember that herbalists speak based on the study of plants, herbs as herbatologists but mostly arent trained as medical doctors. Herbalists usually recommend a break from natural intakes after a 7-14 day period generally, although this advice not usually followed.

    All the best!!!

  14. HeY Anthea, How are you? I have drank the Dog Blood and my period is back, thanks you that but I am still trying to get pregnant and no luck…How long should I drink before I am able to get pregnant and should feed on it….Desperately in need of a child…I really do.

  15. Hey Kristy,
    To my understanding you need to give it some time as now there are other factors such as resting that are important. On the other hand, please peruse this site to note the herb ‘bush’ used for dealing with ‘infertility’ issues. Thank you so much for your feedback. I am truley happy your body is doing better as a result of recommerndations on this site. Bless. Do remember that herbs contain toxins and as such you are advised to speak with your medical doctor if on prescribed medication , or you wish to take these herbs beyond what herbalists recommend.
    Walk good!!!

  16. I still have been trying to get pregnant and still no problem…How would i know if it’s block tube that I have and what can I take for it as also for the Ovarian Cyst.

  17. Kristy,
    Top of the day. The herbalist did ask me to inform you that the shame-o-macka bush is what is usually used to assist with getting pregnant and ridding ovarian cysts. You will need to change your eating habits and eat more greens such as raw ochro. You will also need to ensure that your body is not ‘stressed’.
    All the best!!

  18. Hey where can i get all theses bushes because i live in Florida n i dont think they have it here, so do i have to go to jamaica.

  19. Hi Stacey!
    Thanks for the link up and interest. Byproducts such as the drink can be sent to you for a fee.

    Jamaican Herbalist

  20. Hi LR,
    While the resource point in the US is not known, byproducts can be ordered from Jamaica. Further you may ask someone who is travelling here to get it for you.

  21. Thank you @ Jamaican Herbalist. I’d heard Shame-O-Macka is really good if you are trying to get pregnant is this true?

  22. Please read section on this site by searching ‘shame-o-macka’ or ‘pregnant.’

    Jamaican Herbalist

  23. I, heard that dog blood bush can be used as a contraceptive once its taken after sex for 1 week. is this true?……my knowledge of this plant is dim so i would like to know…

  24. dear anetha
    greeting to you, for doing such good work io have come across your website and find it fascinating, first i would like to know if there is a other name for dog blood bush, and also shame-o-maka because i am trying to get these bushes but to no avail due to the name your help is kindly appreciated toward this

    best regards

  25. Dear Millicent,
    From research, no other name comes is available for ‘dog blood bush’ unless its the scientific name. However, both bushes – plants (dog blood and shame-o-maka) you mentioned can be sourced directly in Jamaica. You didn’t state where you are from. You can make further contact at

  26. good After-noon, I have block tubes and i wanted to know if the dog blood would help me to get pregnant

  27. Hi Georgia,
    Thanks for communicating. Please refer to articles on this site that dealt wih this issue.
    Stay connected.

  28. Hey Anthea,

    How should Dog Blood and Shame-O-Macka be used and would I need to put other bush with them? How exactly should I take them and for how long?

    I am real excited about it and I need your urgent response.

  29. Hi Kristy,
    Both the Dog Blood and Shame-o-macka herb are usually taken after being boiled and made into a hot beverage. Any additional detailed information should be sought via the email address and may require a nominal fee, for individual response.

  30. I’m sorry but, the email address ( that you guys have on this website is not working.

  31. Hi I have done an HSG test that shows both of my follopian tube is blocked I am trying to get the herb that was on the website culd u give me the exact place I can get them also have u every had any situation like mine before and they try thr remedies and get pregnat? I really need a child

  32. Hi my name is Layla.

    Can you please tell me where in Jamaica your Herbal Store is located? I would love to ask someone to purchase some of your herbal products for me.

    Thank you.

  33. Hi Layla,
    Our store is not a walk in store. Its based on orders, as each herbalist from varied locations, has his own method of operation. For example, it can be sent directly to you unless it’s the actual plant.
    You may write further details and be best advised from
    Jamaica Herbalist

  34. HI I’m sherika and i live in the uk. i have been trying to conceive now for a good couple of years. i recently got married and as I’m turning 30 soon i think its a good time to start trying again. i went to the GP about this problem who referred me to a gynaecologist who did all the relevant test and came back with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and all i was told is to loose weight which i find very shocking as i have a lot of family who are more than overweight but still seem to conceive. well i started doing some resource on herbs to help with this condition and came up with (dog blood) fortunately i have family in Jamaica where the bush can be found and asked for some to be brought back home (uk) for me. the problem is i dont no how much of it to drink and also how long to drink it for. please help!!! p.s any other herbs or remedies that can be used that have been proven successful please do elaborate. thank you

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