Why the OAaSIS? Anthea McGibbon responds…

This I believe is one way Jamaica can become more economically viable, and in the end present less strain on other countries.

OAaSIS International Foundation, headquartered in Jamaica exists to empower the creative mind of youth. Started just a year ago it focuses on youth up to 25 years, but specializing in the age group up to 16 years with the Arts(literary, visual, performing, culinary). Its list of patrons includes master painter Barrington Watson, multiskilled singer, actor and visual artist Terrence

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  1. Good evening, I would just like to commend you on the work that you and your team from the Oaasis are doing,i think it wonderful to have people looking out for the youths of Jamaica and helping them to be apart of the art world.i take your work as an inspiration to try and be influential to those around me,thank you!
    Shanique Brown

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