2020 DIY FORM: Eviction of tenant, squatter, licensee

If you need to terminate occupancy in your property, the first step is to give that person or those persons notice. To ‘serve a notice’ means that a notice to quit is written up and given to the occupant you want to leave/ quit the premises. Below is the notice to quit/ eviction notice form you can use is available for you to download and use. You must fill in two such notice forms. Although slightly different from the one purchased in the bookshop, it was created by paralegals, approved…

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2020 DIY JAMAICA COURT FORMS: Recover rent, usage fee for land

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If you are considering taking someone to court in Jamaica for rent, here are court forms you can use in Parish Court. The forms are created by Legal Wiz. Simply click the link, download, print, fill in and file at the court nearest to the relating location. Make sure to bring your postage stamp. If you are claiming for the property only a one dollar postal stamp will do. For anything else a postal stamp valued at twenty dollars and above will be required for Court only purposes. You CAN…

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