Are Jamaican lawyers scared of ‘agents’?

Are Jamaican lawyers scared of ‘agents’? NO WAY!!

To clean uzp the legal system, attornies-at-law, Judges and others are teaming to rid the system of agents, and in some instances with the help of a few police officers. While the legal system does need to rid itself of unscrupulous persons altogether it should not be done altogether as an appearance of outright ignorance of the facts of true agents of facts vedrsus those who are one shy of presenting to be agents of the law.

A few willing Jamaicans living outside the jurisdiction of Jamaica, have shared on their need to get work done back home. This may or may not include going to Court. They explain the need to use an agent.

In some instances an attorney-at-law is contracted. Guess what the attorney-at-law sometimes requests a power of attorney instrument for some instances.

Some persons living abroad preport issues when they solely rely on Jamaican lawyers. Thesae are some issues faced with attornies-atlaw shared with this media site:
– hide from the clients calls, refusing to give updates and accounts for monies sent, charge exorbitant fees for minute jobs, ignore the real facts of the case, drag the cases in court and above all hold the clients monies lying about not being paid any sums whatsoever in a court order and so much more.

Bitten persons then turn to real estate agents who do worse, and still the jobs are left undone after exuberant sums have been spent. Truth be told there seems to be hardly a Jamaican attorney who want to be acquainted with the facts to present them or to remember them when needed and that attorney cannot present the facts at trial if it comes to anyway.

Agents as GOOD SAMARITANS or are they?

So comes a few good Samaritans who fill in as agents. They sometimes however bring fresh drama and issues for the persons and its a gamble all over.

Chief among them is the scare the Jamaican lawyers have as more of the agents present in Court for court cases on behalf of their principals to secure orders for recovery of rent, possession and more. At Sutton Street and in England

Here’s the thing though, while persons would prefer agents as being attornies of fact, it is strongly recommended that once it can be afforded for those persons to work alongside an attorney-at-law even in the first or consultation stage.
A rule to giving power of attorney to anyone is that the recipient MUST be knowledgable of the facts, to be able to represent them.

Leaving the attornies at law to do what they SHOULD do best – represent the law enough for the Judge to understand and rule over fact and law meting justice.

There is no law in any jurisdiction that prevents someone from relying on an agent to present their facts. However they should be cautioned not to even in the slightest seem to be playing law-lawyer espeically in court.

It still is a privelege to rightfully represent the hands and feet for someone as their agent.

Lawyers would not be threatened by agents when they are confident:
An agent is not trying to replace them
An agent is not belittling the work they do
An agent of fact is not trying to address any issue of law

BUT rather fills the role of substituting for the principal simply because they might be challenged to do same for themself one way or another.

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