HELP! Sutton Street Parish Court loosing gamble with corruption?


So seems selected staffers are caught up again doing EVERYTHING, else, BUT their job in a bid to keep their job.. They’re caught up calling litigants to confirm how much they paid to attornies and filing agents. They demand and for copies of IDS. How bad CAN corruption be THAT the court can now demand a copy of the ID of attornies and litigants who rely on someone to file on their behalf. BUT then, I wonder HOW WILL THE filing of an ID and confirmation of fees paid assist the ‘agenda’ to clear corruption when the list corruption left unaddressed is truthfully disconnected to the usage of IDs and proper fees.
The list is at a mind boggling length.

Corrupt practices
Consider for example, the high incidence of ‘BAILIFFS’ and PRIVATE WORKERS who claim to have served a summons, when all they did was to throw the summons in someone’s backyard. Make noo mistake both official court bailiffs, and private process servers, habitually do this. Then they have the audacity to swear before the JP and even the Parish Judge that they TRULEY had served….

Then much can be said for court staffers teaming with the very outside court hangars who do nothing more than offer services they have no intention to render, or simply cannot, for high fees. These hangars literally are present at almost all court compounds. Its reminiscent of the hangars at almost all government buildings – tax offices, RGD, police record offices etc and its a common assault worldwide. In Florida I even remember meeting actual attornies-at-law hanging on the outside of the Court soliciting clients daily, and I thought “Cool”.

More hangars at Sutton Street
There just more hangars at Sutton Street, mainly because so far at this location more than any other there is more inside help from a select few staffers. Although they are anything but authentic, these hangars manage to convince one too many to pay them to serve papers and file cases in their pledged capacity of ‘lawyers’, ‘bailiff’. Sure with the help of an inside link, some summons gets ready way before time, to convince a new victim, but then the other times WHAT.

Legitimate Filing Agents
NOW there is absolutely nothing wrong with creating a slot as a “filing agent”, even a process server as Lord knows there is a need for that islandwide. Process servers exist at common practice, but in the US its a well paying titled job. So the real question is how comes these fakers cant just do it right. How is it they cant take the privelege they are afforded to make something of themself right. More importantly how comes select court staff, trained if you will, gets caught up in this disgraceful cycle.. as if living on the edge.

Sadly for the few good agents that do get it right, they fall victim to the teaming behaviour of the fake hangars and the court staff thus introducing another mode of corruption. Branding the well doers to push the agendas of your fellow corrupter and dare I say partner in crime. Actual decent, law abiding, ‘struggling to make something of themself goodas filing agents’ and process servers are grouped and branded with the fakers and even persecuted for wrongdoing, while the actual fakers escape SCOTCH BONNET free.

Unlawful practice of Parish Judges at Sutton Street
I can’t possibly end without a query on the ill practice of judges generally at the Sutton Street location. By law and court rules, successful litigants are entitled to costs. YET at Sutton Street and ONLY Sutton Street there is no award of process serve costs whenever litigants use the services of private process servers not affiliated with that Court. For whatever reason being promoted, this is not lawful. The very words on the summons prepared by the Court dictates that costs, NOT LEGAL Fees must be ordered. So its anybody’s guess why this is a private personal decision taken and fast becoming the norm at that Court. After all its the loosing litigant who pays and not the Court nor the public tax fund. Worldwide, it is the legal norm for the losing litigant to clear all expenses even in part, simply because by their action the successful litigant wans forced to spend to take legal action.
Needless to say it cant only be because the hangars who hike fees, because that would be interfering with the publics constitutional right to choose.
Then again it truley would be interesting as selected bailiff assistants from the official bailiff offices on the Sutton Street privately charge more than the hangars professing as process servers. So go FIGURE!

Well enough for now from the list of corruption till the next edition …

SO ANY SUGGESTION to rid this corruption is welcome AT SUTTON STREET PARISH COURT – because the staff there are just not managing.. they have now stooped to low measures of insisting on IDS .. like how does that help.. Hmmmmmmmm

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