How to… in Jamaican style

The following articles give practical advice on handling varied challenges from cultural to financial, when staying on Jamaican soil. They are sourced from the Caribbean’s leading newspaper, The Gleaner’s new feature, ‘How to …’, an instruction guide giving practical advice on fixing many of those pesky problems that pop up – without paying an arm and a leg. Seize on info from Jamaica’s industry experts and become a veritable Mr or Mrs Fix-it. See more at Jamaicans tell you HOW TO…

1. HOW TO: Take care of your household plumbing
Leaks and clogs can be annoying. Even more, leaks, in particular, are sometimes warning signs of a bigger problem. Expert Everald Bailey, a plumber for more than 20 years and owner of HiTech Plumbing, shares a few tips with readers. See full article on HOW TO: Take care of your household plumbing

2. How to …Fix faulty roofing
It would be wise to get a gardener or repair expert to tackle heights such as these. – Photos by Anthea McGibbon
As the Atlantic hurricane season advances, some Jamaicans have still neglected securing their roofs, waiting ’til the last minute to address niggling problems which might later morph into yawning catastrophes. Emphasising that maintenance is key to the prevention and control of roofing woes, Abe Kawass, a director of K’s Roofing Company Limited, shares basic tips with readers. See full article on How to… fix faulty roofing

3. How to …care used vehicles
Although stretching the budget significantly, some Jamaicans can only afford to purchase used vehicles. After acquiring the pre-owned vehicle, then comes the challenge of maintaining its beauty and performance. Former chief scrutineer of the Dover Racing Club, Neil Harvey who is currently involved in a car-building project himself, shares tips with our readers.
Errol Gayle checks the front end parts and oil.
See full article on How to … care used vehicles

4. How to… avoid food poisoning by fish
Jamaica costal waters have become polluted, placing marine life at risk. As a result, consumers of fish are also at risk. Fisherman Richard Saunders has more than 20 years experience in preparing fish for consumption. See full article on How to … avoid food poisoning by fish

5. How to … Travel downhill when driving BIG
Large vehicles such as trailers, trucks and buses can be fascinating. Teenagers, especially, sometimes see manouevring big vehicles as a test of adulthood. However, there are a few problems that one can encounter when traveling ‘big’ up or downhill. Faulty brakes can pose an even greater challenge when traveling on narrow, winding or wet and slippery hills.

Air is released from this system when when pressure is applied to the brake pedal in some trucks. This week, expert mechanic Linton Hughes, who has been driving trucks and buses for at least 20 years, provides tips on how to handle big big vehicles in the event of a brake failure. See full article on How to … Travel downhill when driving BIG

6. How to … stay in bu$iness
FACED WITH repercussions from the global economic downturn, and high inflation and soft consumer spending on the home front, some businesses are finding it difficult to stay afloat.
Business guru, William Mahfood, managing director of Wisynco for 21 years, reveals sure-fire tips for entrepreneurial success centring on the double-pronged formula of managing and motivating. See full article on How To Stay in Bu$iness

7. How to … Look cool in Jamaica’s heat

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