Jamaica treasure trove: It’s people

The people of Jamaica are certainly the most valuable of all it’s treasures. Yet for too long there are have remained as gold which has not yet been found, much less dug and processed to expose its real value. There are those who have contributed to our arts and culture, and further their development. Some have in their own way advanced the development or exposing intelligence on our arts and culture.
Some have been ambassadors in their own ranks and rights on the seven seas they have travelled abroad, whilst others remain on local shores doing what they do best.
Passion driven, they take miniature, but very vital steps to ensuring the building of Jamaica’s history, exposure to the good amongst us as a people.

These are our unsung heroes. No fanfare, no great award, but without them, a countless many, there are aspects of Jamaica which would not have been what it is today.
On that list are:

Emmanuel ‘Mani’ Blake, fisherman from Port Royal
“During the late 1960s to early 1970s, Blake joined Robert ‘Bob’ Marx, an undersea archaeologist, to assist in pumping and retrieving anything that told tales of the history of Port Royal from their muddy burial ground. The 1907 earthquake, followed by several natural disasters, according to Blake, caused an underground shifting over time, constantly burying the pieces farther.”
Diving for answers – Fisherman helps uncover lost artefacts

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