Proud to be Jamaican versus Jamaican pride

Beauty without substance is an empty shell impersonating the whole turtle….. you see the shell right but you dont know if a turtle is actually in there unless you look deeper right?

Jamaicans are the most schizophrenic people on the face of the earth.
A Jamaican will smile with you, and, in an instant, his face will be clouded with anger and yes, he will kill!
What makes such a country of slave descendants so attracted to the spilling of blood. Maybe we are day walking vampires. And coupled with our lust for blood and violence is our jaundiced prejudiced over the PRIDE! But I am proud to be Jamaican. Proud of the creativity, proud of the sly humour and the good natured rumours!

Proverbs tell us all that

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I specialise in media and communications. I have also done subediting, pagination, feature writing. I believe in Jamaica's true gems - our people, skills, culture and more that makes us unique among the world's finest. I graduated from the University of the West Indies. Here are my thoughts. Enjoy, share! Link me here or or here

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