Seeking Jamaica herb for vaginosis

QUESTION: Dear Jamaican Herbalist,
Good morning what can I use for yeast infection or bacterial vaginal vaginosis I’m don’t really like all those doctors medicine and I’m have a vagina itch

Dear Astro,

Coconut milk is the best.
There are several herbalists who network with us. You can arrange a visit, (by appointment only) by or with a herbalist.

1. Send an email regarding your concern
2. Keep reading the website for the general response
3. Sometimes there are emailed responses
4. Herbs can be ordered online or by phone, but are not delivered till our conditions and terms are met

Your discussion with a physical herbalist in person or by phone, will be only after you have taken the steps above.

Always remember that we operate in the interest of the general public first, as the herbalist team operates strictly to the benefit of the wider Jamaican populace to encourage a natural approach to health.


For herbs to be delivered or sent to you, you can now make arrangements by contacting our team.



Of course, we facilitate sales of herbs.
You can simply arrange for direct purchase and pick up from our office or delivery.

Jamaica Herbalist

EDITOR’S NOTES:__________________________________________
We cannot fill any orders relating to hemp, as this is illegal in Jamaica.
You can get information on where to access it – You simply must take that risk on your own.
None of the herbalists are certified medical practitioners and therefore you may want to check with a physician before using any of the herbs received. However general guidelines on how to use the herbs safely are generally provided on this site, and by the herbalists and also upon you receiving any of such herbs from the team.
DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED THAT accessing and usage of the hemp plant is common in Jamaica!!!

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.... a team of herbalist with experience in Jamaican herbology and proven record of their recommended cures using plants, herbs, fruits naturally grown in Jamaica. They are not necessarily trained medical doctors and recommend that consultation be had especially if prescribed medication. Click here to contact me. ...or email me here

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