Stoneman culture in Jamaica’s Trench Town

A resident of many areas, he owns ‘Revelation Rock’ in Sandy Bay, Clarendon, but the natural mystic is mostly found at the Trench Town Culture Yard. There Stoneman is respected as a self-made spiritual anthropologist, and all visitors must see his stone garden, as well as hear him relate the messages from and interpretations of the stones.
He also shares as a tourguide and otherwise on the culture of Trench Town and Jamaica, bringing to life the days of “Georgie” cooking porridge for bob Marley, literally.

Stoneman, man of earth among his stone sculptures speaks about his work with stones and herbs.

That aside, he is an abstract artist, working his designs on large fabric rectangles, which can be used as wall hangings framed or unframed. Each pattern is symbolic with a message, as strong as that of the stones in his collection he uses to teach many persons about life, history and their own selves sometimes. Very connected to nature, he sees and interprets messages from almost all elements.
[At the culture yard, is a uniquely-designed tree bearing a face and heart which he uses to teach about fertility and sex.]
Born Oswald McTeve Comrie, “Stoneman” has two children two boys – Matthew and Marcus. Stoneman originated from Old Harbour district, more than five decades ago.
There is much to be learnt about him, whose wisdom grows deeper with each experience. He was once a manager at Master Blends, and defined his journey further as

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