VIDEO REVIEW: The Party Builds Up

Alcohol does not create great music….good music gets better when alcohol runs around. The hook will resonate in the brain becoming very catchy.

Party is a Dancehall/Hip Hop hybrid though the powerful sound of the one drop still pounds out the reggae beat. It is a light..catchy song which wont be stinking up the airwaves or clubs but it definitely gets its fair share of rotation as the chorus has the ability to hook

The video begins with J Diamondz talking on a green telephone handset –hooked up to his smartphone -a throwback to old rotary dialing phones. The caller at the other end of line is Future Fambo, calling from Jamaica, very exciting at the upcoming gig in New York. The rest of the video pans a small dancing group with J Diamondz and Fambo..flanked by a few dancing girls and a few chubby bouncer looking dudes. The girls are not impressive by any stretch of the imagination. Their robotic dancing/wining skills is average and their looks are passable to the say the least. I’d expect for such a clean looking video and party themed lyrics that there would be a bevy of voluptuous video chicks fighting for space in the video light, however all I saw was some real bad weave and J Diamondz spacy grill up in my face. Gents, a very good directed video but you needed eye candy ..not juts female company.
The scenes are shot in a car.. in a club and on a beach somewhere with J Diamondz trying to get a nervous dancing Caucasian-looking chick to Party with him. The entire video just shows that life is a party and partying is the best antidote for stress.
Party will not rouse you out of bed. More likely, it will get you shakin your legs. However, if you drink more than water, I guarantee that you will be partying wildly to Party.

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