Bad payments land me in higher debt on Court order

Bad payments land me in higher debt on Court order

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
My cooperative bank sued me for 27,000jmd in November 2017. The judge told me to go outside and make arrangements to pay with the rep of the bank. I told her that I was not working do I would pay what I can at different times. She was OK with that. 1 paid 1000 December and 1000 January 1000,February. Now I have received a judgment summons minusing the payments I’ve made plus an additional 4000 for fees. Can they take me to court when I am trying to pay? I also have tried paying them 2,500 on two occasion before they took me to court the first time but they refused it saying i should put more in it.

RESPONSE: Dear Karlee
When the Judge gives an order, and you agree to make payments in intervals. As much as possible agree in writing on what you can afford, and make sure thats all you can afford. Usually if you are working, its expected that you clear small sums in about four installments. At your rate, thats 27 instalments, andclearly they think you can afford to pay more. Otherwise seek an attorneys kindest assistance in proving your lack of means to make payment, or ask the Judge to allow you to prove your inability.As it is they subtracted what you paid already and getting a further Judgement summons for the balance. Where the court served you, the fees are your responsibilty to clear. The costs have to be proven and accepted by the Judge however.
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