Can I get royalties for artwork on loan back home?

QUESTION: I live in the USA. I placed artwork on loan to a museum/gallery in Jamaica years ago. Can I still get royalties?

QUESTION: I live in the USA. I placed artwork on loan to a museum/gallery in Jamaica years ago. The owners of the entity moved it elsewhere and another company has been earning money from it, as they take photographs of it.
Can I still get royalties?


LEGAL WIZ: Thank you for writing.
You will appreciate that this response will be updated, after I speak with further with the relevant attorney.
However, there are a few questions I must ask. I need more information on … please take the time to respond so I can assist you further!
What was your agreement?
How long ago was it made?
Did you make any agreement with the company who supposedly is making money from images of your work?


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