FlowTV expands options for Local content providers

“We think FlowTV is a great alternative the current programming available on local television” – Judith Fallon Reid

Flow, Jamaica’s only triple play service provider, recently unveiled the expansion of its repertoire with the launch of its revamped channel, FlowTV on Tuesday August 30. This was to the delight of Local content providers, television viewers and advertisers.
Judith Fallon Reid, producer of Gospel Rhythms which airs on FlowTV welcomes the latest development. “My team and I have been working with Flow for the past 2 years, we think FlowTV is a great alternative the current programming available on local television and offers a very viable opportunity to producers to get local content on the air.”

Michael Look Tong Director of Media Services is engaged by Michele English President and COO of Flow. The duo chatted just before the unveiling of the New look FlowTV held at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston on Tuesday August 30. This new format provides great distribution platform and earning opportunities for young local content developers.

Fallon Reid lauded Flow’s vision for industry development and acknowledged the benefit to young producers. “FlowTV provides an affordable option to local producers without access to large funding to get their programmes aired. Young producers with great ideas will be able to benefit from this initiative. I love Flow, they have brought international standards to local television, Flow OnDemand, Public Access is first world and Flow has brought his visionary approach to local programming,” she said.

Directors and producers and other creative minds have already found FlowTV to be an oasis for locally produced content, with the station picking up shows such as “Pree Dis,” the topical talk show “Lauren o Lauren,” and supporting the ever popular animated series “Cabbie Chronicles” which airs on FlowOnDemand.

Anieph Latchman creator of the animated feature Cabbie Chronicles which is available on Flow OnDemand sees this as a bold move that will boost the industry. “Flow’s continuous diversification of its services and opportunities is exceptional. The newest revamp of Channel 100, FlowTV, is significant to local producers as it provides an outlet for their content, new opportunities for income and increased visibility in the Jamaican market. This can only increase opportunities available to producers that will ultimately boost the local industry, he said.”

The newly re-launched station will now support an upgraded format focusing on business, entertainment and lifestyle related subject matter.

This initiative reinforces Flow’s commitment to ensuring more local content reaches the Jamaican market and that viewers can continue to have a wide variety of choice when it comes to general programming.

Vice President of Marketing for Flow Sharon Roper comments, “We are very excited to support the Jamaican film fraternity with this new platform for them to put out their creative talent.”

From their new offices located at 20a West Kings House Road, FlowTV the broadcasting outlet of Flow offers a sound platform for local content including footage of public events, concerts, and music videos..”Michael Look Tong, Head of Media Services for Flow comments, “With our new facilities, we have added some capacity and can therefore allot space for increased programming. Local content providers have the option to lease “on air space” or choose from a variety of options to air their production.

FlowTV will feature regularly scheduled broadcasts seven days a week with Daily News content from the Associated Press. The station also features new as well as previously syndicated shows from 5:30am to 11:00pm nightly.
The event was attended by members of the Jamaican creative industry, as well as the who’s who in stage, film, and music, from directors and producers to actors and entertainers.

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