Getting a title under Jamaica’s LAMP, the less delay way

LAMP, since April 2000 has been an alternate route to obtaining a land title in Jamaica – faster, cheaper.

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
Is there another way to obtain title, aside from what is customary. Is it quicker, cheaper?
Sara Lee Spence

RESPONSE: Dear Sara Lee,

One major alternative is the LAMP programme. It’s not new, just newly exposed to some Jamaicans. The LAMP programme, since April 2000 has been an alternate route to obtaining a land title in Jamaica – faster, cheaper. In 2009, the highest number of titles registered in any one year was done under the LAMP programme.
The Land Administration and Management Programme (LAMP) is a project initiated under the Land Policy and Administration Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture. LAMP is jointly funded by the Government of Jamaica and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).
Obtaining a title or rather Land Registration is just one of four components under the LAMP programme.
The other three are:
1. Land Information Management 2. Land Use Planning and Development and 3. Public Land Management.


Under the Land Registration component, for a land owner in specific project areas who has obtained a certificate of compliance under the Facilities for Title Act, registering the land title under the Registration of Titles Act should be made possible.
To register, the following documentation would be required:

      1. Proof of ownership
      2. Survey diagram
      3. Two references
      4. Death certificate or will
      5. TRN
      6. Two forms of Ids
      7. Up-to-date property tax certificate

See more on Lamp Jamaica website
This service mainly pertains to farmers

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