How can I get title for land back home in Jamaica?

Titles for land in Jamaica can be acquired online. However as the site is a new-work-in-progress, it is strongly advised to have someone deal with it in person

Dear Legal Wiz,
I left Jamaica for some time now and my dad who owned our family property recently passed on. I learnt that my brother who lived with him wants to sell the property, and I have not been contacted as someone who might be entitled to something. Can I get a title? Can I also get information on whether or not my brother has legal rights to do sell the house?


LEGAL WIZ: Yes to all of the above. First let’s discuss how you can acquire a copy of the title for the property back home in Jamaica.
Titles for land in Jamaica can be acquired online. However as the site is a new-work-in-progress, it is strongly advised to have someone physically deal with it in Jamaica. This is as information is still being uploaded and updated online, and what’s existing so far has been confirmed to have errors.
To acquire the copy of the title in person, one must go to the Hanover Street address and pay for a title search. Come prepared with the title number. Otherwise, aside from payment, you are required to bring along the street address including lot number (see list following), and you will be required to fill in a form.

SUMMARY: The form requires information on
– title’s volume number
– title’s folio number
– address of property
– landmarks
– tax number
– possible names which may exist on title

For the most part the search is done by the staff of the National Land Agency (Titles division) operating at that location. The process takes half an hour, for search and printing of the copy of the title if all is in place. If you need it certified, or order an originsl copy of the copy the process will be longer.
Be prepared to wait a while either way, and remember you will need to stick around in case additional informatio is needed when challenges present themselves especially for property in rural areas.

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Questions on legal proceedings back home can be submitted to or Questions will then be processed by team specialists in each area, and selected answers will be placed in relevant Questions and Answers sections of participating mediahouses and sites. These include Street Hype Newspaper in New York, (UK), The Agriculturalist, advice channel and on
For actual legwork, follow ups and other needed legal assistant services in Jamaica not requiring the full services of an attorney you may call 876-530-5744 or 305-648-6963 or simply write to, to make private arrangements beyond the commitment of this mediahouse.
Physical office is at Suite # 1, 3 South Avenue, Swallowfield, Kingston 5, Jamaica West Indies
The fee range starts at a minimum of US$50.00/

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53 thoughts on “How can I get title for land back home in Jamaica?

  1. Dearest Simone Calnick,
    Thanks for writing in. At this point in time we do need more information to be able to assist you better. However, provided everything is in order the process for removing your deceased father’s name so that the title bears your mother’s name only should take three months at most.
    If you need further assistance from our team, please write directly to
    All the best!!!

  2. Hi,

    I spoke to you this morning regarding my eldest sister is trying to remove my other younger sister name from my parents property and land. Can she do this?

    As our father is still alive and is living at the property.

    My bother name is also on the land and property like my younger sister. To keep the property in the family can my father add another name on it?

    In june 2012, We ask the lawyers to keep hold of the original papers at the office. We completed a will for our father and the eldest daughter name is not on the will because she didn’t want him as a father.

    I understand she may want to contest this however she has no relationship or pictures or evidence that she had a good relationship with him. We the family have evidence of her denial of him as a father.

    My mother pass away in June 2011 she didn’t do a will, which leaves everything to our father (dad) who is still alive. She (my late mother) was also given another piece of land else where, which is at the high court now having her name taken off to put my fathers name on it.

    I’m from the UK..can you please advice me on the above matters. I look forward to your responses.

    I do hope the above information makes some sense.

    Kind regards

    Marvis Mckenzie

  3. Hi Marvis McKenzie,

    Please forward a copy of the title so you can be properly advised. If more actions are needed before you are advised, you will be alerted. Please forward a copy to
    All the best! THANKS for your communication.

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