How do I get land surveying done in Jamaica?

Can you explain what land surveying in Jamaica is about? How do I find someone who can do it well?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I got information that a diagram is needed to register title for land in Jamaica. It was explained that land surveying needs to be carried out. Can you explain what land surveying in Jamaica is about? How do I find someone who can do it?

Shawn Rhule

Dear Shawn Rhule,

Surveying is ‘in basic’ terms done to establish an address for you and this is therefore a critical stage in the registering of one’s land. The surveyor of your property which includes land and building, visits the location and carries out tasks such as measuring, mapping, and describing all that it entails, and especially in relation to its location and neighbourhood, so that it can be found by anyone after an address is assigned.
In summary surveying of land is done to establish where the boundaries of the area are located. Hence the diagram represents the finding and results of the tasks carried out.
Surveying is done for many reasons, the most popular being to assist in the process of registering one’s land to obtain a title at the Registrar of Titles Office. Most importantly it establishes boundaries between neighbours and clarifies what is owned and by whom.
Once the diagram from the surveyor is obtained, the applicant for the title will then acquire the other items on the requirement list (SEE NEEDS LIST FOR REGISTERING LAND IN JAMAICA HERE) and make application to be processed for a title.
In Jamaica, getting a good land surveyor is not very difficult. There is an association of land surveyors (with the web address Land Surveyors Association) that you can get information on from the yellow pages. Some land surveyors can be reached online. You also can simply get one that’s recommended from a trusted source.
We have on our team qualified and experienced surveyors, with references who can assist you further, if preferred.
All the best!
Legal Wiz

Getting a Title For Land In Jamaica With A Diagram

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6 thoughts on “How do I get land surveying done in Jamaica?

  1. Dear Shawn

    When a Land Surveying is done a diagram is prepare for the land that shows the shape and dimension of it. It will also show the name and address of all your neighbours. With this diagram and other accompanied document such as tax receipt, proof of ownership etc you can have your land Registered.

  2. Dear readers,
    It seems the text got broken somehow. Thanks for posting, as it brought to our attention tat some text is missing. Apparently when the servers changed, the article got affected. We’ll work at retrieving the rest of the information as soon as possible. In the meantime thanks to Joy Brown for her attempts to answer the question posed by Shawn above.

  3. Dear readers
    What you all need to know is that if a surveyor do not wished to be honest he can give you diagram that is incorrect. I believe that the surveyor should established the true owner of anyone making claim to any part of the land they must show proof of ownership, Also if you do not agree with anything that the surveyor is doing you must raise an objection and do not just accept what the surveyor said.

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