Jamaica art pleases buyers at Liguanea Arts Festival 2016

Jamaica art pleases buyers at Liguanea Arts Festival 2016

Twelve years a charm for the Liguanea Arts Festival held December 4th, 2016 in Kingston, Jamaica. It was welcomed prescription for many to see the return of master jeweler C Garth Sanguinetti, Gene Pearson, Donette Zacca, Howard Moo Young among others from an all too long hiatus.

Still there was plenty of appreciation for upcoming and newer artists.

The pieces were memorable, and there was overall no complaints from the displaying artists who garnered enough sales to at least break even.
As for me a few artists were noticeably absent such as Rico, and Shawn Reid. Did I miss them, well I didnt get a chance to after having my fill of others.
The creator of the controversial cover for the telephone directory was in form with new works on display.
Jeffrey Perry, the portrait artist kept his corner busy with live sketching all day.

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