Jamaica Digicel’s RISING STAR Watch July 31, 2016

Digicel’s RISING STAR Watch July 31, 2016

THE TOP TEN contestants of the 13th staging of the Digicel’s Rising Star Show was narrowed to 9 on July 31st, 2016.
What is interesting is that despite the seemingly large following, some persons are calling for the show to end. These critics are not mincing words either claiming that the show has lost its vibrancy. I’ve seen where three persons recommended that the show be held once in ten years.

What the show is about

Albeit I wonder if the obvious wounds cant be cured. For one the show is now about singing and that too about who can mimic the actual performers best in the rendition of the originals.
And when you have gotten over that, the next cross the viewers must bear is the number of songs that have fast become the anthems of the contest. One such being Aint no mountain high enough.
In reality if persons must watch episodes say in ten years when our friends aren’t entering, there must be a stricter creative input.
I fail to think that with so many sponsors and celebrity persons getting involved that’s the best a show like that can do to entertain and prove that Jamaica talent is among the best worldwide.
So far there are six persons who simply do not belong in that contest. Otherwise the essence of the show is lost, as most if not all have yet to put an exemplary creative twist in their delivery.
A fashion police is needed for sure at least to see to it that chosen fashion is rearranged to bear a distinct message.

Vote to keep your winner in

Nonetheless until Sunday, August 7th the votes will count for:
TEXT to vote
by texting the numbers below to the Digicel number for the singers at right.
4445501 Monifa Ross
4445502 Korus
4445503 K-Sis
4445504 A.N.E.
4445505 T.N.T.
4445506 Elton Erlington
4445507 Kelly
4445508 Gifted One
4445509 Chynn

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