Jamaican author puts ‘The Journey’ of trauma in a book

The Journey captures Ivett Mc Lean Jackson’s own traumatic experiences up to her now-life as a successful individual, happy and full of love.

Jamaican author Ivett Mc Lean Jackson has written her first book ‘The Journey: A Warrior’s Resilient Spirit’. The book published in 2008, revised a year later, is described as a riveting mind-boggling emotional roller coaster ride by some who have already read the book.

'The Journey: A Warrior's Resilient Spirit' by Ivett Mc Lean Jackson

Jackson is an acclaimed author, a model/actress, and an inventor. The Journey captures her own traumatic experiences up to her now-life as a successful individual, happy and full of love. She says “You don’t have to be a little girl, a woman, a little boy or a man to read this book,” exhorts Ivett, “This story applies to all.”

In the book she inspires others to take control of their monsters and even how to get rid of them.

Her monsters were real in her childhood especially the ones who should have taken care of her the most. Her stepfather was a monster, and she at that time could not understand all that happened. As a small child she blocked out the memories of the horrific and traumatized situations she endured from the hands of her family. Over time, she committed the memories to the deepest recesses of her mind to be gone forever, or so she thought.
This book, ‘The Journey: A Warrior’s Resilient Spirit’, is her story – a child grappling to understand and somehow struggles to deal with the memories and nightmares of real life abuse and trauma. Surrounded by people who should have loved her, but instead loved themselves.

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