‘Jamaican’ in UK Parliament says no to top chef’s ‘punchy jerk rice’

‘Jamaican’ in UK Parliament, Dawn Butler, says no to top chef’s ‘punchy Jamaican jerk rice’

Top UK chef Jamie Oliver and his newly Punchy Jamaican rice is gaining astounding popularity, but for all the wrong reasons. British Labour Member of Parliament representing Brent Central, Dawn Butler is the latest, but albeit a strong voice against the promotion of this product.
Dawn Butler, took to Twitter to point Oliver to some cooking classes from Levi Roots, creator of Reggae reggae sauce. Her words were sharp, but on point representing the thoughts of countless offended Jamaicans. “I’m just wondering if you know what Jamaican jerk actually is? It’s not just a word you put before stuff to sell products.
Over 8000 responses followed her tweet as Jamaicans have been offended by the rice which evidently is Jamaican Jerk in name only.
Dawn Butler is the daughter of Jamaican immigrants. Levi Roots added his voice by describing the microwaveable dish a mistake.
According to Butler the rice is a ‘cultural appropriation’ which must be stopped.
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