Mark Foga’s ‘Hope of Glory’

A hush descends, instruments working in harmonious tandem with vocals as the tells the singer has hope of glory


Is it live or is it Memorex? What am I talking about? In noticing the slogan on the CD, one was forced to ask if it was live or recorded music one was listening to. Many a times, gospel lyrics bear too much of a burden on its subject. Jesus, God, Lord or whatever noun is used to refer to God is mainly the hook line and sinker of the entire song.

A hush descends, instruments working in harmonious tandem with vocals as the tells the singer story. The four songs seem to be an almost continuation of a story line and Hope Of Glory, Narrow Way, That’s Not Why and He Came In Love all are wrapped in a gift box complete with he frilly ribbons! I may even go one step ahead and say secular musicians often write better religious lyrics but in this case Mark Foga, has done more than justice. With a rich, sugary sweet bass, Foga takes us into the stratosphere with his worship of God.

Crooning Hope of Glory, he takes one back to the time of great Christian hymns. He is smooth, cool and his presentation lulls the spirit into a deeper meditation. This is the where the bowels of the soul recognizes true spirituality and nods in agreement!Bass-like voice singing praises to God greets one. The Hope of Glory shines on the tablecloth of sin, soaking up the transgressions. The Narrow Way begs Jesus how to make it.

As I listened to that song, I stared, tunnel vision like into the outside. The mellifluous din on the CD ringing in my head as the voice implored his Lord to make it right. Richie Stephens would be happy to know that he has ‘clone’ out there, but let’s give kudos to Mark Foga who is one to watch as his sound ripples the peaceful waters of the mind!

That’s Not Why addresses the multiplicity of questions which people usually have for Jesus and Richie, being the teacher sings his answers. “That’s not why.. that’s not why my Saviour died… that’s not why he died” In writing this on he day that Jesus rose from the dead, it took me to reflecting. Have you ever listened to an audio book? In some ways music and or songs are audio books but I had to catch myself from stop staring into a vacuum as I listened to the lyrics.

If I were a stranger to Christianity, track number 3 ‘That’s Not Why’ explains to us why Christ died for us. To quote a line from the song…. ‘It Was Love,He Gave us love’, would have been an introductory guide to the religion and a better understanding of what is being sung.Keys and beats morph to form joyous musical treats. The trained skeptic may say otherwise but to the untrained ears unflustered by technique will proclaim that Mark Foga is a very good singer. I’d love to hear him a capella !

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