Need update on probate, but I cant get my Jamaican lawyer

Need update on probate, but I cant get my Jamaican lawyer

Good Morning,

I came across your website online and decided I was going to reach out to you, after reading some of the testimonials.

I am currently seeking assistance or council on getting a will put into probate and transferring the land title into my name, as my Mother has recently passed away. I am the appointed Executor of her Estate.
I currently do not have the land title, it is currently with her lawyer whom I am struggling to communicate with.

I am not familiar with this process nor the legal terms I have been advised of. I would like to be in contact with someone from your team whom I can discuss with and consult the matter, ultimately seeing if you are able to assist me and the cost involved.

I look forward to your response,


Dear Thelma,
1. Get someone to physically reach out to the lawyer from here OR
2. Get someone to check what has been done in the COURT so far

THEN DECIDE on the next step
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