Nowhere with JA attorney, need to know probate status

June 19th, 2018 by LegalWiz | Print Nowhere with JA attorney, need to know probate status

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I had Will probated in Jamaica in 2005. I am being told that I should have received a copy of the Probated Will and Title of the house for which was held in Joint Tenancy. Unfortunately, I don’t recall getting either.

Now, I want to sell the property and conduct business requiring the Will and can’t get anywhere with the attorney who did the Probate. How can I get either of these documents replaced and what government entities would I use?


If you are having issues with an attorney whom you paid, you can report him to the General Legal Council. That is provided you have checked and proven he is at fault. sometimes attornies are awaiting responses to advise you. Sometimes they are anticipating further payment.

You can however independently check the status of your probate case, or have someone do so for you.

Contact us again if you have not been successful. Please however make the title of your email more outstanding so it does not end up in spam.

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