Resurrect to a new way of thinking

JAMAICANS OF LOVE: My Easter Message: As we believe in the Resurrection, be it 3-day, 2-day in April, June or December – let us all be resurrected into a brand new thinking. Somehow when we see leaders doing wrong be it church, political etc it is time to work and wring out the root cause. Human beings by our basic nature is full of guile or arent you. Its therefore a bore to me now hearing persons use one, two three, six mistakes to slaughter leaders. so they resign, they are ashamed, and yet we cry murder again… I think its time to be strategic in how we abase the wrongdoers. Leaders on all sides , as humans commit wrong common assault by culture it seems, and not just Jamaica. The Good Bible says lest we too can fall into diverse temptations, this can also mean that our beatings can have a ricochet on us as Jamaicans…. sometimes how we address others only highlight our deficiencies – We are fifth world pretending to be Third World – How does the public for example hold the leaders accountable, by voting and leaving them till something happens then we hold pity parties and arrow contests – Surely there is a better way in a modern world where our intelligence can truly be utilized. Otherwise we truly seem midnight dark and blatantly ignorant. I once spoke to a woman blaming the pastor for molesting her, while in reality she repeatedly went to him for the gospel stick.. so how is that the pastor is to be blamed alone. ©

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