Why is there delay in my purchasing land in Jamaica?

I’m getting worried, why does obtaining a title take three years, I want to start building my home in Jamaica

Why is obtaining a title for Jamaica land taking three (3) whole years?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
My name is Sara Phelps, and I purchased a quarter acre of land in Wakefield, Trelawny. September 2012, will make three years since I made the initial purchase. I used a lawyer, and all necessary paper works were completed, and I’ve contacted the Parish Counsel in Trelawny, Mrs. Wellington, informed me that I was approved, but they sent my paperwork to Kingston for a next approval. I still owe the seller, $1,500 US, and was advised to pay this once the title was in my name. I’m getting worried, why does obtaining a title take three years, I want to start building my home. Can you please help me EXPEDITE this slow process?

RESPONSE: Dear Sara Phelps,
The best we can do is have a member of the legal team act on your behalf in doing an investigation at all relevant offices, and reporting back to you at a nominal fee. Without sufficient information we can’t say why there is a delay in your particular case.
There may be issues such as:
necessary steps weren’t followed such as probating a will
Do you have a copy of the sale agreement for us to review?
We cannot independently expedite the process without becoming a participant in the process.
Please write further to legalwizwork@yahoo.com should you need further physical assistance from the legal team.

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