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Artists to celebrate Antique fair turning 21 in Jamaica’s 50th year
… dealers to showcase historical treasures of nation’s heritage

The annual Antiques & Collectibles Fair is slated for November 16,17,18 in Kingston, Jamaica and artists are being invited to showcase their work for patrons. The event is in celebration of the country’s golden jubilee (50th anniversary). Jamaicans will get the opportunity to purchase great items, some dating as far back as the early 18th century, to purchase as collectibles and gifts.

Painting by Jamaican Michael Parchment

The newly introduced special section where art, contemporary and otherwise can be viewed or purchased is a gift from organizers in recognition of Jamaican talent and skills (visual). The organisers therefore gives the OAaSIS International Foundation exclusivity in setting up an art corner. At least one organizer is contemplating a relating arts fair in the future. The OAaSIS International Foundation, the brainchild of Anthea McGibbon, emphasising youth development, exists to network, promote and advance artists.

The Antiques & Collectibles Fair is held annually at Campion College. As the Fair turns 21, there will be a celebratory ‘Early Bird’ preview on Friday, November 16 at the venue from 7:00p.m. followed by an auction of Collectibles starting at 7.30 p.m. On Saturday, November 17 and Sunday, November 18, the Fair gate open at 10.00 a.m.. Lots of Jamaican furniture, especially crafted from our mahagony, will be on sale. These today are also are highly desired and sought out internationally. The Fair continues to highlight the skills of our former superb cabinet makers.

Most of the displayed wares, by locally-based dealers, will detail critical moments of Jamaica ‘s heritage. Hence, a rich educational experience taking visitors from the early colonial period to now with the promise of linkage to Jamaica ’s history to take home to adorn their home will be gained. From literally ‘a pin to an anchor’ items available will include china and glassware, silverware, postcards, household machines and furniture. The Suite Jamaica Art corner by the OAaSIS International Foundation will showcase works – paintings, and sculpted pieces by established, and upcoming artists including Michael Parchment, Sharon Fox-Mould, Dwayne Hamilton. It is anticipated that students and recent graduates will seize this opportunity to be exposed and make contact to be included early. As a special for persons with reserved monies after their major antique purchase, low priced prints will be available for sale.

The event was started 1990 by the hosting Antique Fair group comprising Ainsley Henriques , Steve Solomon and Lorna Chung joined later by the late Robin Morris and present co-host Wayne Nasralla. Its conception was realised after the impact of the first ever BBC Antiques Road Show to be held this side of the Atlantic in Kingston earlier that year.

Last year, 2011, Henriques declared there had been a “vast improvement in way antiques and collectibles are preserved, displayed and interpreted in Jamaica ” since the Fair’s inception. He further observed that this was a result of the annually held Antiques & Collectibles Fair, at Campion College , at which Dealers now explained the classification and relevance of antiques and collectibles for the public’s information.
The continued success of the show confirms Henriques proclamation of a changed Jamaica seeing more Jamaicans learning to appreciate the legacies of their foreparents who commissioned or collected these items in earlier times. This was not so even twenty (20) years ago. Henriques, an historian himself stated “In the struggle to become independent there was a time when Jamaicans generally did not respect or preserve old things. This has now changed.” Jamaicans, according to him, now appreciate the craftmanship of our forebears and the aesthetics of antiques and collectibles. There continues to be high anticipation among even average Jamaicans insisting to learn more about their history and heritage.

‘Collectibles’ are, according to Henriques, any item one acquires for personal collection such as stamps, dolls, old (out of print, production) books, china and even art. “Jamaicans collect a wide variety of big and small items such as from furniture to clothes, jewelry and silver, china, crystal stamps, coins, dolls, matchboxes, postcards and photographs. The art corner will this year be a special treat for average Jamaicans to be introduced to art appreciation and collecting at another level. The works will be mostly from newer artists and some priced inexpensively. Additionally, Jamaicans can arrange to have their portraits sketched at this corner says McGibbon.




Artists with an interest for displaying may contact Anthea McGibbon 876-860-2638 or 876-812-7177. Craft and books are accepted. Email contact antheacommunications@yahoo.com suitejamaica@yahoo.com

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