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Alexander Cooper’s Gallery and Museum
WHERE: Coopers Hill
It’s a must stop. You are educated in the culture of Jamaica through more than just the strokes of Alexander Cooper. The museum collects and displays items from as early as colonial times in Jamaica such as sewing machines and tools. It also chronicles critical media personnel contributing to the promotion of Jamaica art history.
The gallery boasts over 50 works detailing lifestyles of Jamaica in a historic order. ADMISSION FREE, but contributions accepted.

WHERE: Market Place at 30 Red Hills Road
Hardly any exhibitions are held at AMAICRAFT located above the frame store of that name. Still the pieces are from Jamaicans best spoken about names. FREE Contact 876- 920-9134

Bolivar Gallery
WHERE: 1D Grove Rd. Kingston 10 Jamaica
Since 1965, this gallery has been operated by Hugh Dunphy and wife. The gallery also offers valuations and framing services. FREE Tel: 1-876-926-8799

Frame Centre Gallery
WHERE: 10 Tangerine Place
Opened over 30 years now by some of Jamaica’s most respected artists at reasonable prices. Names like the late Milton George, Allan Zion, Everald Brown, Margaret Stanigar, Kofi Kayiga and Stanford Watson
FREE Tel: (876)926.4644 / (876) 926-6873 Fax: (876) 960-3756 Email

Gallery 128
WHERE: Liguanea, Head Office: 6B Oxford Road,Kingston 5
You think you are in a first world gallery space when you visit this upstairs gallery, or even the art shop downstairs. The gallery is operated by Susan Fredricks. FREE ADM Telephone: 929-3410-8,929-2478 Fax: 929-2478

Gallery Barrington LTD.
WHERE: 75 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6
Master Painter Barrington Watson is Jamaica’s master painter. He mostly does women and in striking sizes. At the gallery is his book, Shades of Grey, a collection of autobiographical stories illustrated with his own paintings. FREE ADM Tel: 978-7424 / 978-7425, Fax: 978-7477

Grosvenor Gallery
WHERE: 1 Grosvenor Terrace Constant Spring Road
Strategicially placed! This gallery hosts repeated exhibitions and workshops for children also. FREE ADMIN
TEL: 924 6684

Hi Qo Art & Framing Gallery

WHERE: Waterloo Road, HQ 6B Oxford Road, Kingston 5
It was founded in 1970, but in 1980 acquired by Diane Fredricks and maintained at the Spanish Court Plaza until a few years ago. Like Gallery 128, it’s a good feel of creative energy from execution to choice of works. Room is given to young artists of great impression and commitment to continuance, as well as the experienced creative minds such as Colin Garland and George Rodney including bronze works by Fitz Harrack and Susan Alexander and carvings and ceramic works by Gene Pearson. FREE
TEL: 929-3410-8,929-2478, Fax: 929-2478

Mutual Gallery (The)
WHERE: 2 Oxford Road, Kingston 5
It exhibits established mainstream artists by tradition, but the shows also bring out critical thought by modern day and contemporary artists, especially at the annual competitions like Under 40 Superplus and Art Fresh. The gallery also boasts of a large inventory in their basement which its director Gilou Bauer describes as “Ali Baba’s Cave”, where you can unearth treasures by painters, ceramicists, photographers and sculptors. The donation of the space was a philanthropic gesture from the Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Society as a contribution to the development of the Arts in Jamaica. AIC (Ja.) Ltd has been the Gallery’s major sponsor since 2002. FREE
Contact details:
Tel.: (876) 929-4302 Email: Website:

Olympia Art Centre
WHERE: 202 Old Hope Road Kingston
Olympia Art Centre, a gallery with a longstanding reputation for contemporary exhibitions that date back to the 1960s. You are held spellbound by the murals on its wall and beautiful sculptures placed throughout its surrounding landscape. FREE

Olympia Gallery
WHERE: 202 Old Hope Road Kingston
A space within a residential complex, this gallery occasionally displays art of Jamaican artists. The architecture of the complex is itself an attraction, and there is a well-stocked art store on the premises selling graphic art supplies and offering custom framing. FREE
TEL: 8769271608

National Gallery of Jamaica (The)
WHERE: 12 Ocean Blvd, Block C, Kingston, Jamaica, (Entrance is on Orange Street)
Occupying over 25,000 square feet of floor space, with 18 sub-galleries arranged, it is the island’s largest and most central gallery. Its an ideal place to start learning of Jamaica art history, but not a total representation of the wide range of Jamaica’s visual creative minds. This lack however is sometimes made up in competitions such as with JCDC. Keep abreast with the National Biennial and the annual National Visual Arts Exhibition and Competition. The gallery was first established in November 1974 at Devon House, Kingston’s most famous Great House, but after eight years, it was transferred to its present location in the Kingston Mall. There are eight permanent exhibitions, including a pre-20th-century collection of historical artifacts that can be traced back to before the 1400s. There is also an international collection containing works from various countries. Admission runs about JMD50 for adults, JMD10 for children, less for children with school ID.
Phone: 1.876.922-1561/3 (Lime fixed line); 1.876.618-0654/5 (Digicel fixed line)
Fax: 1.876.922-8544,

Suite Jamaica
LOCATION: Varied, HQ in Red Hills
This gallery is one arm through which the OAaSIS International Foundation ( earns funds and sensitises others about Jamaica’s collective creative minds. Emphasis is on talent – young, experienced in between in all forms although with emphasis on the visuals. Hence it travels many locations such as banks, hotels, clubs. Art, bed and breakfast at participating spots. Workshops in groups and one-on-one available for all ages as well as theme exhibitions.
TEL: 876-860-2638


Harmony Hall
WHERE: Harmony Hall
It took a year to bring it back to its historical beauty and relevance, and in 1981 Harmony Hall was opened by owner Annabella Proudlock, an artisan herself. The mid-19th century Methodist manse is now a popular gallery in Ocho Rios. When fine art exhibitions or book launches are held upstairs, you can expect a spread of craft downstairs on the lawns. Don’t leave before visiting the Restaurant downstairs at this hub of arts. FREE
c/o P.O. Box 192, Ocho Rios, St. Ann
Street address: Tower Isle St. Mary


Ahhh Gallery
Situated atop the hill in Montego Bay

Elgopat gallery
WHERE: Hip Strip, Montego Bay
This gallery in Montego Bay its where its happening western.

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