International Artist call for Sweet Suite Jamaica

ALL JAMAICAN ARTISTS (visual, literary, performing, culinary), once conditions are met, are being invited to show and offer works at participating hotels and locations including banks, fairs and other events. Suite Jamaica is an ongoing project to raise funds for OAaSIS International Foundation, while assisting artists to earn. It’s ‘Jamaica GALLEUSEUM-in-the-making’ travelling hotels and selected spots showcasing Jamaican talent and gifts! SWEET JAMAICA – priority theme expressed! COMING SOON: International shows, now being scheduled!

Hotel guests and visitors indulge in:
1. Artworks shown and sold at Suite Jamaica, Gallery of Fine Arts
2. ‘Art to Heart’ display of prints and photographs with option to order originals or buy works shown
3. Art Eye Jamaican – regular scheduled exhibitions for exposing artists
4. Specially-designed workshops or demonstrations by visual and performing artists
5. Special readings by poets, authors; and other slated performances
6. Opportunity is also there for promotion of products and services relating, on conditions applicable
7. Promotions catalogue of Jamaican artists (open to other art forms such as interior designing, architecture etc)
8. Features on themselves
9. etc
The gallery is now being rotated at First Caribbean Bank each month.

Gran Bahia Principe, Runaway Bay, St Ann

The entity is headquartered in Kingston at the Swallowfield Office Park, where more can be learnt. Gallery Curator Anthea McGibbon says the overriding objectives by both location heads and foundation management are
a. exposing and selling artworks by Jamaica artists, b. earning funding for projects of OAaSIS Foundation, while c. enabling Jamaican artists to earn from their skills. As a main benefit to hotel, international visitors have a piece of Jamaica to take home without leaving premises, while they learn of Jamaican artists and culture, and indulge in workshops on the Jamaica arts.
The first travel shows were at Liguanea Club in New Kingston and Couples Swept Away Hotel, guests request services such as sketching, facepainting, studio visits, and actual hands on workshops.
There is a timetable tailored for each hotel, and locations wherein visitors and locals can schedule and participate in theoretical and practical workshops.

Iberostar Grand, Rose Hall pool View

Here’s how ANY Jamaican artist CAN apply –

AS PRIORITY, a compulsary ”artist profiler’ is to be secured at J$3,500 by each artist for a special promotion catalogue on location. Where the catalogue is reprinted there are additional printing charges applied. Entities such as galleries, institutions are required to pay J$12,000. This applies to both exhibitors and nonexhibitors.
Any additional promotion beyond general obligation of Suite Jamaica team, such as creation and circulation of articles online or offline attracts a separate fee starting at J$1500. Entities such as galleries, institutions pay a minimum of J$6,000 for added promotion.



1. Call Anthea McGibbon at 876-860-2638/305-648-6963 or Marvette Camille Facey Dobbs, secretary 812-7177.
Email Suite Jamaica Administration here expressing your interest. Please include relevant information such as
1a. purpose of contact, 1b. area of interest such as gallery, workshop, exhibitions 1c. brief on yourself, 1d. vision statement 1e. headshot, 1f.etc
2. Submit 10 electronic samples of your work or a brief audition (mp3 or wmv file)where applicable


3. Make an appointment for a follow-up physical meeting at either Anthea McGibbon’s office, or the office of the OAaSIS foundation HQ
3a. to show physical works, or,
3b. for an audition/interview as applicable
3c. for further processing
3d. payment for individual promotion page (COMPULSORY)
3e. acquire or submit an agreement form (email acceptable)
NOTE: Bring along physical copies of documents (relates to No. 1 above) of your work, yourself, artist statement, or, arrange with the team of write lovers to have it done (about artwork, artist statement, About artist, my vision, resume, interesting facts, my future, catalogue) at a nominal feeing


4. Arrange a date for
4a. an individual exhibition, or, to participate in scheduled group exhibitions – plus to discuss requirements, terms, conditions for the same or,
4b. to have your works shown for sale or promotion in the gallery, or,
4c. slating days you can be available for ‘meet the artist day’, visit studio or applicable workshop and payment, where applicable (Artists interested in conducting workshops, some for free, will be subjected to a processing stage)


5. Other arrangements such as pick-up of works, delivery, transportation, inclusion in e-store or e-catalogue, promotion will be discussed, and may attract fees
6. All artists MUST commit a (20-25) percentage obligation for administration and contribution to OAaSIS International Foundation projects. 25% for non OAaSIS members
7. Individual website page cost $5,000
8. etc


1. Limited works are taken down for transport to or from general gallery and/or exhibiting sites on specific days, however nominal (apprx $1000 – $1500) charge applies if works are to be picked up from locations beyond reason. At best, please drop off works for gallery at agreed location, to avoid this fee
2. For exhibition openings, transportation of works will be J$12,000 starting for total trip should Suite Jamaica gallery staff be hired
3. NB: Exhibition is opened one night at other spots, after which works goes to gallery or other display area(s)!


FOR SPONSORS, please make contact, where you wish your product or service to be shown at any relating event(s). SPONSORS who wish to make arrangements to showcase or promote their products in exchange for a small contribution to offset expenses at the gallery or otherwise, please
1. Contact Anthea McGibbon or listed agents at enlisted
2. Processing must be done to ensure no conflict of interest exists especially with the hotel

“Show the world your skills as a Jamaican whether you write, draw, paint, photograph, sketch, sing, dance or just make music. DONT MISS This opportunity to earn from your talent. Line by line, precept by precept, stroke by stroke you will also be assisting the OAaSIS to build a community of achievers, empowering the creative minds of youth and the young at heart”

NB: Part proceeds towards projects of OAaSIS International Foundation projects. More on these projects at While volunteers commit 20%, non volunteers of the Foundation are expected to commit 25% of sales. Add 5% if expenses above are to be assumed by Suite Jamaica staff.


NB: In NO WAY does this interfere with Anthea McGibbon’s commitment as journalist/communications consultant!
NB: You can get updates on arts, creativity, culture, law, spirituality now at and SUBSCRIBE for free today!
NB: You can get updates on projects of the OAaSIS International Foundation, by subscribing to

Yush up, Irie irie, Jamming, Peace, Bless!!!

SCHEDULE as @ October 16, 2011:

First Caribbean Bank monthly
Click this LINK for schedule as per lastest update!!!


Just in case you do not have documents needed for this or other galleries, exhibitions, media etc, you can get them done with the team of write lovers. See special prices below of a few services!
Artist Statement (READ MORE)
Biography – JA$1500(one page)
Biography and artworks in brief and layout JA$2500 (one page)
Biography and artworks FULL – JA$5,000 (two-three pages total)
Editing assistance – JA$1000 per page
Artist statement preparation – JA$3000 per page (critique, layout,article processing and preparation)
Minor editing – JA$500 per page
Catalogue – JA$3,500 per page (layout, photography etc)
Total PR kit JA$7,000
Advertising Layout – JA$5000 starting

FIRST PUBLISHED September 24, 2011. UPDATED October 17, 2011, November 17, 2011.

ALWAYS CHECK website below for updates and newest spots!!!

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