Jamaican artist Ballentine, artiste Stitchie colab on music album

An interesting collaboration has been formed between two prominent artists.
Visual artist Andy Ballentine, will do the artwork for performing artist Stitchie’s album. They formed the agreement at an airport in Miami, Florida. Ballentine claims to be a die-hearted fan of Stichie, formerly Lt. Stitchie.

While Stitchie, earned his international fame as Lieutenant Stitchie Andy Ballentine, became exposed after a TV feature of his work.

As Lt Stitchie, he was internationally revered as a teacher as well as for always being a trendsetter. He released the first interactive CD ‘Real Power’. More on Stitchies’ Real Power.

Ballentine’s works specializing in landscapes, Jamaican fruits, vegetables and portraits, can be found island wide in various resorts. The main locations is at Couples (Ocho Rios) and Swept Away (Negril), and the office of the Ambassador of Iceland.

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