My bro ripped me off, how can I send barrels to my sister?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
It pains my heart writing this letter to you, due to the dishonesty and wicked ways of my brother. Here is the situation.
I live in Canada. I am one of 2 siblings (there are 5 of us here) that helps our family in Jamaica. I watch and read the news on – line so I am very aware of all the almshouse happening in Jamaica. So, I send money and barrels to help out rough situations to those who I care about.
My niece is 24 years old and is unemployed, so too is her Mother, aged 55. My nieces’ son is 4 years old. My brother is 57, and he is the only one working. With constant cries of how hard things are in Jamaica, when I send them 1 or 2 barrels, I also send the money for them to clear the barrels, and money for transportation for them from the wharf to their home in Kingston 11.
My brother has a TRN card, which you need to clear the barrel, so I send the money through Western Union to him to pay for the barrel (which is in his name) so that he and his wife, daughter, and grandson can be happy.
Now Legalwiz, would you believe me if I tell you that my own brother collects the money from me, don’t tell them that I send any money to clear the barrel, and pressure them (who are not working) to pay him to clear the barrels??? They complained to me and I am shocked as hell.
So, how can I help them to get a barrel if they don’t have a TRN card, and I live in Canada? I would like to send the barrel to my niece instead of to my brother who is famous at ripping off people and the system, if the right opportunity presents itself. Also, my niece has a passport, so there have been times when I’ve sent money to her and her Mom without my brother knowing.
Thanks for your advice
Jamaican Canadian

Dear Jamaican Canadian,
Thanks for writing in.
Applying for a TRN takes just a few minutes. I cant see what difficulty they would have as anyone doing business in Jamaica is qualified to get one. Its also free. Should you need physical assistance from the Legal Wiz team, there is a small a fee.

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