Sting 2014 final press conference brings Raptor


IN A FINAL bid to the public and deliberating on bragging rights, organisers of Sting 2014, brought media representatives together at their Supreme Promotions office on Burlington Avenue.
The main purpose was to introduce main sponsor Raptor energy drink while bragging about the promised venum set to be unleashed in the planned clashes of performers.

Topping the night’s two-in-one show, the slated main clash is dubbed “The Raptor Rematch” and will be between Ryno and Kiprich whose lyrical thread keeps keeps unwinding.
The addition of the flavoured energy drink is chosen to keep the crowd energised to withstand the 12 hours of Sting 2014 in the Jamworld location. Raptor according to Allawney McIntyre is the first flavoured energy drink introduced on local soil.

Senior Marketing coordinator of Jamaica Beverages, Allawney McIntyre detailed enthusiasm of her company to partner with Magnum Sting 2014. Aside from reaching the 50,000 member patron base, she highlighted that it was the number one dancehall show islandwide.

While Ryno was missing in the final gathering of the media, multi-winning Sting clash performer Kiprich was present to tease media personnel. Determined to reclaim his title lost to Blak Ryno in 2013, Kiprich delivered just enough to confirm that he would not be taken by surprise on Boxing Day.

Producer Isaiah Laing, who is CEO of Supreme Ventures, listed out slated clashes as he promised that a new clash will be announced on the December 26th, 2014 of Sting.
Slated clashes include:
Newest clasher on the block Gully Bop/Countryman versus Aidonia
Gage and Tommy Lee Sparta
Major Mackerel and Wickerman

Bounty Man and Beenie Man still noted for the most memorable clash in the 1980s, with the winner still undetermined are both absent from the lineup.
For the 30th staging of Sting 2014 international dancehall/reggae performers will include ‘Ackee and Saltfish’ from Japan’s, Imari from Bermuda and Savannah from England’s.

Raptor Energy Drink joins Magnum Tonic Wine, Bill Express, The Star, Irie FM, Fruit Jazz Punches, ZIP103FM, Jolly’s His ‘N’ Her’s and Sunnyside Villas this year.

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