Toronto Garrison: The welcome party

So in Jamaica, while government and Opposition battle to be head over the overall garrison – the island, and small fries count how many garrisons are really listed officially, garrisons are forming uptown and in middle communities. At least that’s what residents would have one believe.
In a particular area near Molynes Road, one man called ‘Boasty Poor’ by a few outer circle neighbours rules the hearts, minds and bodies of a few brainless citizens of the close. Boasty Poor’s name is Roy and his brother is Ray Ray.
While he worked dutifully delivering gas, he claimed many women, and no one woman moving on the close – the garrison was saved from the wrath of his best friend Dick.
Truth is he, Dick and a few are the welcoming party.
After especially women get a massaging welcome, then extortion from the members of the original clique living there for say 10 years begin.
Enters Janine who begs a cigarette, then Ramon who is ever ready to fix any vehicle in need of any repair. The overall reporter who must add a few lines is Winston, often referred to as the lady of the avenue.
Every night the domino players flock Roy’s house for the board etc to settle for an all night game and tongue round off.

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