Can I get the 50% my Jamaican dad told me about before death

My dad told me about a 50% before he died, but my stepmom says nothing further. I do want my Jamaican land…

My dad told me about a 50% before he died, but my stepmom says nothing further. I do want my Jamaican land.

The following is in direct response to the question Please help me rid of squatters forever and manage my Jamaican property? More on THIS LINK.
I seek your assistance in helping me to get rid of squatters on property belonging to me. The occupants of the property are not tenants of ours (legal owners).

To the Author,
Hello my name is Sandra Burrell, living in the USA, I would like some information about my Dad’s property in Breaton(Portmore) St. Catherine.
My dad passed away last year 2010, before he passed away he told me that 50% of the house in Jamaica belongs to me. His wife is living here in the USA, she did told me that my dad said that 50% does belong to me, but since then she have not mention anything about the house to me. My question is if I do not have my dad word in writing can my stepmom take over the property for herself and her daughter, what legal rights do I have without a written proof from my dad who has passed away. How can I get a copy of the title or deed of the house, please advise thank you very much.
Sandra B

Thanks for writing in.
You can trace a copy of the title online from the titles office of the National Land Agency. However, as the online records are still-a-work-in-progress, you may need to have someone physically do it for you in Jamaica. This is a service that the Legal Legwork Team in Jamaica provides for a fee.
The next steps you will take to obtain documented ownership depends on what is written on the title, and what legal agreement made with your step mother as they were married. You dint provide enough material for example on the possibility of any other person who may also have interest in the title such as banks, other children. You may as his daughter, need to contest the ownership as one stage. On the other hand, where no title exists, you may need to make application for title, but this depends on any former agreements that may have existed between your dad with anyone else.
You will need to furnish some form of proof of anything you declare, beyond an ‘oral commitment’ of your living stepmom, especially if she is not willing to act accordingly.
This again is a service provided by the International Legal Legwork Team in Jamaica.

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