House sitting of Jamaica properties, new service by Legal Wiz team

February 25th, 2015 by LegalWiz | Print House sitting of Jamaica properties, new service by Legal Wiz team

In response to requests by Jamaicans abroad, the Legal wiz team of Jamaicans now has a reference base of persons who are available for house sitting for Jamaicans away from the island.
Jamaicans living in Jamaica are screened before entering into an agreement to live at the properties in Jamaica, owned by persons who reside overseas.
Thus homeowners living abroad, can rest assured that reliable persons are assisting in the upkeep of their home, while ensuring some activity which can ward off criminals who may prey.
Specialists such as attorney-at-laws, real estate agents are available for further assistance as needed or warranted.




  1. I am a trustworthy, professional and experienced House / Pet Sitter.

    London, born and based in Tower Isle, Saint Mary, Jamaica and London, UK.

    Available for sits around the Jamaica.

    Testimonials available on my personal site

  2. Thanks Winston, for writing in. We would of course have to process you before you can be considered for us to recommend you to anyone. THANKS for writing in!!

  3. Melissa

    I am a young professional available for house-sits in the Kingston & St. Andrew area. I am very trustworthy, mature and responsible. I am also and willing to foot some costs associated with the upkeep of the clients’ homes.
    Feel free to contact me should my services be needed.

  4. NOTED: If anyone is interested in your services.. I have left up your contacts… but I cannot recommend you as I do not know you!

  5. Tesha

    Good day,

    My husband and I got married just a few weeks ago. We are both responsible professionals who are looking a house to sit in the Kingston and St Andrew area. While my husband is a Software Developer, he is also a handyman who can do almost anything; plumbing, gardening, window and cabinet making, masonry, electrical repair, you name it. We take pride in our surroundings, no matter how busy we are. And we both love pets.

    If you know of anyone who matches our profile, kindly inform them about us. We will make ourselves available for interviews and screening.

    Thank you and best regards.

  6. Thanks for your interest. We usually have to meet and screen the persons before linking the two parties. This comment is posted however in case anyone wants to contact you.

  7. Jovine

    Hello, do I need to be over a certain age to qualify? I am only 22 years old.

  8. Hello Ms. Gibbon

    Happy Good Friday. You spoke to my mom this week in reference to house sitting in JA. Her name is Margrett Vernon and she lives in Montego Bay. House sitting in the Montego Bay-Iron Shores area would be perfect for her. She said you required info for the screening process. What is that info so we can start the process. : )

    Dr. Knox

  9. Please send a private message

  10. Hi,
    I am a student at the UWI mona from the isle of Trinidad. I was suppose to be granted a scholarship to pursue my studies but at last moment someone pulled out. I believe I am a suitable candidate to do house sitting in the Kingston area. I do looked forward to your response.

  11. Orlanzo Powell

    Good Evening,

    I’m not sure if this service is still being offered since the last post was September last year but if it is I am interested in being a sitter and would like additional information about screening etc. I can provide references from reputable people who will account for my character

  12. Dear Orlanzo Powell, We will keep your information for you to be processed by the relevant persons. However the information was put out primarily for persons who needed someone to house sit their homes. Take Care. Thanks for reading.


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