I live in Jamaica and need back my money from landlord in US

My landlord owes me over J$300,000. To avoid me getting it, he had his cousin in Jamaica take me to court to get recovery of possession. I need my money

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

My landlord owed me money way past J$300,000. To avoid me getting it, he had his cousin in Jamaica take me to court to get recovery of possession, bearing false information of him returning. This he did after I reported him to the Rent Board.
I am convinced he’s not returning to the island as he often told me that he is not returning plus plans to sell the house were always discussed. In fact the cousin became the agent simply because the landlord is doing away with the house. I want my money.

Kim Bonnitto

RESPONSE: Dear Kim Bonnitto

In retrospect, one lesson you should have learnt was to begin your case earlier. You could have started a counterclaim whe they started a claim for recovery of possession.

However, you can

1. Have someone in USA take out a lawsuit on your behalf, or go and do it yourself. Make sure your case is properly set out, and you can prove it well.

2. In Jamaica, sue the agent on behalf of the landlord, and when and if successful, ask the Courts to place an attachment of the order to the house. That way they can do nothing, especially sell the house before they repay you.

3. A caveat is sometimes considered if title can be traced to them.

4. You might also want to report them to the IRS as in the USA all earnings must be reported for tax purposes.

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