My dad died, I want royalties and money from his gas station

My father passed away leaving property, home and gas station, all in St Thomas. My father also has royalties from writng for an entertainer. What do I get?

Dear Legal Wiz,
I follow your articles on this site and on My father passed away 16/17 years ago leaving property, home and gas station, all in St Thomas, Jamaica. My father also has royalties from writng for an entertainer. We havent touched any of this and now seek due compensation and access to what is legally ours, if any.
I’ve learnt that there are relatives in Jamaica trying to sell the property, and who are also receiving royalties. I’d love to investigate this, and if true, I seek your assistance on:
a. how to put a stop on anyone collecting wrongfully
b. how to access funds for me and my other siblings, where possible?

Zania Marshall, Florida

RESPONSE: Dear Zania in Florida
Thank you for communicating. We need to understand what exactly you are entitled to, as well as what authorities and claims you have, before any action can be taken.
Please provide
1. full details on the deceased,
2. Information on the property(ies) – ownership, address, landmarks and any other information of identification
3. Information on the exact intellectual properties and persons/companies responsible for issuing and collecting royalties as known
4. any exisiting contract or anyone who can guide along these lines about exisiting contracts for royalties and as it pertains to his family

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