JAMAICA FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Fry fry, buy buy, tradition bye bye

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Food for THOUGHT: Why wih caan follow the tradition of our parents and lef diabetes alone – we not rich.. so …YUH noa a lot of Jamaicans grow pon good food.. garlic country peppa, ginger and thyme works wonders.. altho to dis day plenty a wi granny dem neva tell wi why wi fi always use them fi wi health benefit.. and den ALL PON WAN SUDDEN a pure flaw flaw and fry fry, an buy buy.. meantime those who noa best like the yellow skinned wanna own Jamaica dem… strive to get a piece of this precious island so they can go green and sell down to lawn grass juice back to us after a full bout of diabetes and suh suh disease attack.. mind you after we make a special ‘import deal’ with them.. JAMAICANS onnu naw wake up.. stop grow poverty.. eat right no pension, nu saving no enough fi tek care a ole ppl nor bring back onnu health

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