The dust has still to settle, but Jamaica Andrew Holness has seemingly ‘won’ the race to become the JLP leader, and maybe set as the youngest new Prime Minister till general elections. Then again? In fact, other contenders have already bowed out while more Jamaicans rush to secure their vote for the next general elections and others cancel their flights to leave the island permanently.

Hands down, up, folded or to the side it’s exciting just to be in Jamaica for a time such as this. Across the island, more persons get all wired up in discussions about Andrew Holness. At the risk of being blamed for propoganda, I am excited too as I know him and other politicians from both sides personally. What is Propoganda – see THIS LINK!

Edward Seaga

Andrew Holness who some may forget was just as much guided and ‘chosen’ by Edward Seaga as much as Bruce Golding, finally has his turn, at least as party head. carefully note there is no disrespect to the older politicians at least not on this media site.
In an ironic twist, even fanatics from the People’s National Party are caught in the web of ‘casting their vote’ for Minister of Education Andrew Holness to become the newest Prime Minister of Jamaica, without even slightest attention to the party to which he belongs.

Support is behind Holness from Jamaicans across the globe, and who knows many ‘foreign Jamaicans’ may be returning to the island. Some already are saying they feel safer, and at ease to come and do business back home.
Playing devil’s advocate, I’d rather play Watch and Seek, as observation is key to knowing and gaining wisdom on just how best one can get involved for the greater long-term good. I like him as a potential leader, but wont jump on a bandwagon, remembering all to well the result of bandwagons for political heads in the past.

Andrew Holness we remember was one of the 'chosen' by Edward Seaga, longest serving leader of the Jamaica Labour Party!

We must give him chance to breathe, and absorb from the high seat, knowing full well he has learnt much at the feet of the more experienced of the political lot for approximately 14 years as Member of Parliament.
Minister of Education some has already identified as the ONLY ideal candidate, although others had captured spots in some hearts.

Bruce Golding, did well, but even better to step down!

For the most part, the Diaspora is comforted after long term brewing of anger and frustration with the Bruce administration. Then again, some wondered if the Portia-led government was to be the only option with Betty Ann Blaine coming aboard to stir confusion, as she lacked both relevant experience, and critical skills – but criticism for the government she did have, and thoughts to share. I do not subscribe to the notion that Sis P has nothing to offer simply because she is 67 however.
Left to me… all these ‘owls’ should be put in perspective as consultants somehow.
So Andrew, it could be that one of the best places to begin is a look at what your opponents would have been saying about both parties, and strategise against repeating any flaws or falling into any tradition.


As a creative mind, recognise that Time Has Come to THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!
As for Bruce Golding, it wasnt all that bad. The Economist even describes him as the ‘best prime minister’ claiming improved the economy by just over one per cent, during the hardest period globally – recession.
See more at THIS LINK in October 1 issue of The Economist. Jamaicans wonder on the yardstick used with fast decline in earning capacity, scarcity of resources etc..
However, there has been an increase in the number of articles applauding Jamaica in recent political years. I have also heard PNP loyals confess the better of the two – for now- being JLP, as they voice their disapointment with the PNP.
Take a look – two recent leaders of Jamaica Labour Party who have done some good -Edward Seaqga and Bruce Golding – left under strenuous conditions to the discomfort of the Jamaican people. Now Andrew, you were after all Minister of Education, perhaps the only ministry next to what the ideal Ministry of Culture could be — the Ministry of the People.
Remember though to take leaves from all books without changing the colour of your own. Action to put the young Andrew Holness at 39 years of age is certainly a first step towards thinking out of the box.
It’s a brilliant move by the Jamaica Labour Party thus stalemating any opponent, old, experienced or new by appointing Holness their immediate head. No disrespect meant for Baugh or any of the others orinigally vying.

So what’s next?

Jamaicans above all need to be educated — and not just politically. We need to read and write so we can analyse and learn to make sound judgement. We need wisdom.
Then we need to understand who we are as Jamaicans, intelligent, creative, not pushovers. Andrew Holness has all these qualities and more, so it should be easy to lead by example. Especially if he is strategically mindful of the positives that the People’s National Party (PNP) can offer.

A calm stalwart, pressure should not weaken Holness, but keep him focused on the main goal – bringing Jamaica to achieve it’s true potential. Andrew Holness is vibrant. We’d rather a new slate with references to whats becoming the past, rather than a continuance of what any other leader has done — no picking up of where ‘they left off’.
Andrew Holness – it’s your turn. You’ve got the tool, being the main tool. Above all you understand that ‘unity is key’ when voting for Jamaica!

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