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2017 JAMAICA COURT FORMS: Plaint Note (small claims)

2017 JAMAICA COURT FORMS: Plaint Note (small claims)

So, you have served a notice to the tenant or the licensee or the squatter and now that that notice has expired, you are rearing to go to the Courthouse to get an order for recovery there.

Form One is the Plaint Note [download below]

The PLAINT NOTE is the first form that you must fill out when filing a claim at the lower courts in Jamaica renamed as Parish Court in 2016. You only need one copy of this form. This site gives more information on how to fill this out.
Below is a Plaint Note form that can be used, but you must first download it. Otherwise you may collect one with your free package of application forms from any parish court.
Package includes (1) Plaint Note Form, (3) Particulars of Claim Forms and (3) Notice to tender hearsay evidence Forms


Download (PDF, 23KB)


Click 2016 Steps and Forms: recovery of possession in Jamaica parish court (small claims) for the directions on how to proceed with a claim for recovery

Package includes
(1x) Plaint Note Form,
(3x) Particulars of Claim Forms and
(3x) Notice to tender hearsay statements made into evidence Forms

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