Example of Power of Attorney document to use in Jamaica

Example of Power of Attorney document to use in Jamaica


QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I need to do up a power of attorney document to have my cousin go to Court for me in Jamaica. What information do I need to include in it?
Michael Elliot

RESPONSE: Dear Michael,
Below you will find a general list. Power of attorney documents vary according to the needs of the appointor and the institution where it will be used. Some institution for example the Land Agency already have their own format and / or a prescribed form.
Therefore, the following list gives a general idea and afterwards you will need to carry out procedures to make the document legal here in Jamaica. This list is at August 16, 2017:

  1. Address of Appointor
  2. Date of Execution
  3. Appointee’s name and address
  4. Full description of car eg. Model, year engine number, chassie number, license number (if it involves a motor vehicle)
  5. Appointor’s signature
  6. JP or notary public signature and seal
  7. Notary public certificate must accompany the document (If notary is overseas in USA, or non commonwealth country)
  8. The words “While on a visit to Jamaica” must be entered by the Justice of the Peace(JP) (IF the address of the appointor is overseas)
  9. IF a local address is entered but a notary signs the document, then the overseas address must be entered
  10. Proof of stamp duty payment must be evident. Stamp duty is paid at 111 Harbour Street, Kingston
  11. All documents for stamp duty or registration MUST be original and bearing original signature
  12. Specific powers or duties should be outlined once a general power of attorney is not being given
  13. NOTE: Local documents expires after three months, Overseas documents expires after one year

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More on registering documents can be fond on the website of Registrar General Department HERE


Exciting and informative Jamaica government website
Please note that there is a sample power of attorney on this site. SAMPLE of Power of Attorney document, not necessarily in this format however.
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