HELP! Sutton Street Parish Court loosing gamble with corruption

Help needed for Sutton Street Parish Court staffers at a loss on how to fight corruption


So the staff is caught up again doing EVERYTHING else BUT their job in a bid to keep their job.. Theyre caught up calling litigants to confirm how much they paid to attornies and filing agents, and for copies of IDS. How bad CAN corruption be THAT the court can now demand a copy of the ID of attornies and litigants who rely on someone to file on their behalf. BUT then I wonder HOW WILL THE filing of an ID and confirmation of fees paid assist to clear corruption when the corruption being addressed is the high incidence of BAILIFFS and PRIVATE WORKERS who claim to have served a summons when all they did was throw the summons in someones backyard. Make noo mistake both official court bailiffs and private process servers habitually do this and swear before the JP that they served…. SO ANY SUGGESTION to rid this corruption is welcome AT SUTTON STREET PARISH COURT – because the staff there are just not managing.. they have now stooped to low measures of insisting on IDS .. like how does that help.. Hmmmmmmmm

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